Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Popped over to Marsh Lane on Tuesday morning and enjoyed some fine weather.The Dunlin and the LRP were both showing on the CP pool islands. Just a bit too far off for my lens but nice to see again.

The Bar-headed Goose was also present again but this time showed much better.Lovely looking Goose pity it's an escapee.

When I was walking down the main path and just before I got to the new hides on the causeway I spotted a large bird of prey drifting over the trees coming from the railway pool direction.It only showed for a couple of seconds before dropping down so I couldn't ID it.I couldn't find it again but I was certain it was not a Common Buzzard..However not much later on in the day others found a Marsh Harrier so I'm pretty certain that's what I saw.Pity I couldn't get any shots.

A Reed Warbler was pretty close in on the reeds from the northern hide on the causeway but it stayed pretty well hidden so I only got some half shots but very nice to see..

Just before I was about to leave a Hobby turned up but although it cruised round the pools for a while it would not come close.

A bit of bad news from Netherwood Lane I'm pretty certain that my good friend Red has flown off to ever winter in Africa.He will be missed.

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