Saturday, 20 September 2014


Having stayed in on Friday so when the weather man told me it would brighten up Saturday morning I headed off to Upton Warren hoping the Temminck's Stint was still on the Flashes.

It would not be a life tick as I'd seen four from the North hide at Cley in 2008 but they had been a long way off in very poor light and my shots had been dire so I went to the Flashes hoping to get some better ones.

Got to the hide at 8.30 AM and joined a few birders.As usual there was good and bad news.The good was that the Stint was still there.The bad was it was a long way off and it was very gloomy.

I stayed in the hide for nearly 5 hours and although the Stint flew around a few times it always landed on a distant shore.The weather man had let me down as well and the whole time I was there it was very gloomy and it rained on and off all morning.

The shots I took were far worse than the ones I got in Cley and I never show those to anyone as they are dire.Oh Dear ! ! I hope you can pick the Stint out in these shots.

It wasn't all doom and gloom.A Wheatear showed for a while.There was a Green Sandpiper feeding in the gloom.A Sparrowhawk flew past the hide and landed on a distant post.A pair of Grey Wagtails dropped in for a brief visit.

Just before midday this chap and two of his mates wandered across the scrape and came over to inspect the hide.

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