Tuesday, 9 September 2014


After I paid the hotel bill (Ouch ! !)  on Saturday morning I headed down the road to Titchwell  where I planned to set myself down on the first bench past the first hide on the main path and wait for the birds to come to me.

Sat down at 8.45 AM in rather gloomy weather.The first bird that came close was a rather colourful Ruff.

I was lucky a little later on when a pair of Little Stints showed amongst some Dunlin.

Some Curlew Sandpipers also showed well but by the time they appeared the low clouds looked ominous.

Had ago at some flight shots of the waders.Pleased with the one shot where I managed to capture several different waders.

 Had a bite of lunch in the centre cafe and as it was still very gloomy I headed home.Very good trip with the highlight for me seeing and getting shots of the Wryneck.

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