Sunday, 7 September 2014


Just before dawn on Thursday morning I set out to visit Norfolk for a couple of days hoping the easterly winds forecast would bring in some rarities for me to see and of course for me to get shots.

I was staying in Titchwell and my plan was to stay that end of the coast and not go racing off everywhere so my first port of call was Burnham Overy Staithe.I'd been told by my friend Andy Hale that if you walk the sea wall upto the dunes and Gun Hill you'd get a good chance to see something decent if conditions were right.

Don't know why but I'd never been there before and I was very impressed with the scenery as I parked on the beach just after 9.00 AM and set off on the walk to the dunes in very pleasant weather.The tide was out and the muddy creeks were full of waders but nearly all were Common Redshanks.

Not long down the path I spotted 6 Turnstones.

A little further down the path 3 Spoonbills flew by high in the sky.They were followed by a Kestrel but it was a bit lower and more in range.

At the end of the broad walk I turned left and headed for the dunes (if you turn right you soon come to the west end of the Holkham pines).All the local birders I met told me that they had not found much and although the wind was from the east it was not strong enough and the weather was too nice.Oh Dear ! !

I didn't do too bad I soon found a female Common Redstart in the bushes and was able to get a few shots. 

I then headed back to the start of the broad walk where some brambles and bushes looked promising.It took me a while but I managed to find a Common Whitethroat and a female Pied Flycatcher. I had seen a Spotted Flycatcher but didn't get any shots. 

On the walk back I was glad that there were some benches to rest up on as my legs were protesting.It was very pleasant checking out the creeks from the benches especially as the tide was coming in.There were lots of birds to see incl. Little Egrets,Godwits,Curlews etc. a bit far off for my lens although I did get a shot of this Grey (or Golden) Plover.

Near the end of the path I came across a couple of Turnstones luckily they were pretty close in.

Got back to the car at 3.30 PM and as I was knackered having walked a long way for me these days I headed to my hotel.Didn't find any great rarities but it was such a nice place I didn't care much.

After an evening meal I drove the short distance to Thornham harbour to see what was about in the evening sunshine.There were at least a dozen Curlews in the muddy creeks but alas no Whimbrels.

There was also a few Godwits incl. a Bar-tailed Godwit that came into range.

Best of all I spotted a Greenshank and was able to get some shots in the fading light.

I then had a drive round to see if I could see some Owls but failed I must be going to the wrong places.My only success was this Owl which I think is a Wood Owl.

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