Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Racked with jealousy that my good friend Kath had chosen this week to go to Norfolk where due to the easterly winds blowing "the trees and bushes were dripping with migrants" I thought this morning I'd better get out there so I went over to Marsh Lane.

Got there at 9.30 AM and was surprised to find it was a very pleasant morning.I decided to work backwards for a change and start at the RW hide but did make a stop at the N. causeway hide on route to try for the Water Rail that everyone has seen there but me.

Heard a continuous "Kip Kip Kip" call from very close by and what was just below me almost too close to focus on.Well this chap was.

It didn't hang about long and soon scuttled across the open channel to disappear in the reeds.

Luckily for me I met up with John Oates in the RW hide.I always see more when I'm with John.We did see 3 Common Gulls, 2 rather late Swallows and a Green and a Common Sandpiper.Only got a shot of the Common Sandpiper. 

From the River hide John somehow spotted a male Pintail asleep on one of the islands.To me it was a bundle of brown and could have been anything.After a while it woke up and cruised around.Alone I would have thought it was the female that had been here a few days before.

It slowly cruised to the left and surprisingly it met up with another Pintail which John said was a juvenile male.

They then both swam through one of the channels and we picked them up again from the CP hide where they both fell asleep again but I did manage some shots before they did. 

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