Saturday, 11 October 2014


I have been feeling distinctly under par these last few days which I put down to one of two things.Firstly I had a flu jab a week ago and ever since I've felt rough but I know that you cannot catch flu from the flu jab so it must be a coincidence.Secondly I did visit Shustoke Reservoir the day before I started to feel rough and may have picked up Ebola but that is a pretty long shot well I hope it is.

Despite all this I have been out locally with the camera a few times but I have struggled to find anything decent to point the camera at.Thought for a moment that I'd got some shots of the juvenile Yellow-legged Gull that visits Marsh lane but it was a LBB Gull.

Yesterday whilst in the Oak hide a chap called in and said there was a Whinchat showing from the Railway hide.Went down there to have a look but it turned out to be a male Stonechat which was a bit of a let down but still nice to see.Marsh Lane has done very well this year with several sightings some showing very well.This one remained a long way off sitting on the reeds.  

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