Monday, 20 October 2014


Went over to Marsh Lane this morning with the camera keen to try out some new settings that would hopefully improve my chances of getting better shots.

Without going into great detail the new settings involved having Auto ISO dialled in which proved to be a disaster in the gloomy conditions because I didn't realise till later that the ISO was often as high as 3200 which produced loads of noise.What a clown ! ! !

Should have cottoned earlier when the shots of an obliging Wren from the Oak hide didn't look as good as they should have done.

Things got even worse later on in the back gate coppice where I found a flock of Goldcrests one of my favourite birds.I saw 4 together but I reckon that there were 6 in the flock.

As usual they were flicking around in the gloomiest part of the tree but even so I should have done better but as with the Wren the ISO had shot up and all the shots had loads of noise.Here are 3 shots showing the problem and this after editing as well.

Did manage one half decent shot and this only because one bird came out of the gloom for a second or two.

Great opportunity missed there.Never seen so many Goldcrests together before.Looks like the new setting must not be used when it's gloomy.

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