Friday, 31 October 2014


Thought I'd better post a blog in case anyone might think I'm not around anymore.The truth is despite having visited local patches a lot this last week I've struggled badly to find any decent birds to point the camera at.The camera was beginning to show signs of getting rusty.

Did get a shot at Marsh Lane of a Wren in the gloom one morning last week but that was the only shot I took all day.

Had a bit more luck today down at Marsh Lane when I got my first shots of the year of a Redwing.It was on it's own except for a Song Thrush.

Whilst in the RW hide at Marsh lane I was pleased to find a male Stonechat but it was a long way off and didn't come any closer.Did spot a Green Woodpecker on the fencing along the main path but as usual failed to creep any closer before it flew off.

From the River hide I finally got a shot of a very rare bird (I wish) that's been at Marsh Lane a lot lately a Cream-coloured Lapwing.Well it sounds good even if it's made up.

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