Thursday, 20 November 2014


I had been to Marsh Lane twice this week already so I wasn't going to go this morning especially as the weatherman told me it was going to be cloudy all day.However when I looked outside it didn't look too bad to me so off I went.Glad I did because it was a cracking morning's weather.How can they get it so wrong.

Saw this Pochard on the CP pool with a beak saddle which I never had seen before.I've subsequently found out it may well have been put on in France.

Got my first view and shot of a Fieldfare this Winter along the old road.Not a great shot too many twigs but an OK first go. 

The view from the CP hide in the glorious morning sunshine was pretty spectacular.The islands and nearby water was heaving with birds nothing new but with loads of Geese,Ducks,Gulls ,Lapwings etc.Couldn't resist a shot of a very handsome Wigeon.  

As I opened the flap in the River hide I spotted a Common Buzzard not too far away on a tree.It soon gave it's opinion of my photography skills and promptly flew off.

Spent a fair time this morning trying to get a decent shot of the female Goldeneye that's been there a while now but yet again failed.Cannot get it close or in decent light.

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