Tuesday, 25 November 2014


My plan this winter was not to go out birding when it was very cold but when it came to it on both Monday and today I went out and my god was it cold ! !

On Monday I was walking round Marsh Lane at 9.00 AM in the freezing cold and had the place to myself.Made a major error straightaway when I decided to head to the river hide to try and find the Goldeneye.Unknown to me as it was dark in there condensation had rendered the seats and shelves soaking wet and as I opened a flap and sat down I very quickly got a wet bottom and a wet camera.Heavy duty swearing followed for at least a minute.

Had a brisk walk round with a wet bottom but did not see anything new to point the camera at so no shots.On the way home I spotted a Common Buzzard high up on an electricity gantry but it soon flew off. 

Back home that afternoon another disaster struck.I was so pleased to see a bird in my backgarden from an upstairs window (it's been very quiet so far this winter) as I grabbed the camera and opened the window I broke a china vase that was on the window cill.More swearing followed.

The bird I'd seen was a Wren bathing in the icy water of my birdbath.

Like a fool I went again this morning to Marsh Lane and if anything it was even colder and quite misty.There were half a dozen Yellowhammers flitting around the car park but I failed even to get one shot which was annoying.

I was very careful when I went into the river hide but surprisingly the seats were quite dry and the Goldeneye was on show but not close unfortunately.Did manage e few shots including a couple as it flew off.

             Didn't stay too long as it was bitterly cold and if anything it was getting more misty.

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