Saturday, 15 November 2014


When the rain finally stopped lunchtime on Friday I popped over to Marsh Lane to have a go again at getting some shots of the Jack Snipe that has been seen in the marsh from the Oak hide.

Got into the hide at 12.30 PM and found my good friend Jeff Rankin there who also was after shots of Jack.The good news was that Jeff had found it but the bad news was it was well hidden and you could only see bits of it's head.It was not playing ball at all and remained well hidden for the best part of two hours.Jack then finally moved but only to go deeper in the undergrowth and out of site.

It wasn't till another half an hour had passed when John Oates who had joined us spotted it again.It was a bit far off but it was in the open so managed a few shots.Not my best but I was pleased that my patience had paid dividends and I'd got my first shots of the year of a Jack Snipe 

Although I was concentrating on keeping an eye on Jack most of the time I did spot a female Goldeneye on the RW pool.A bit distant but nice to see as they are not too common at Marsh Lane.

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