Thursday, 13 November 2014


After the rain stopped Wednesday lunchtime I decided to brave the conditions and go across to Marsh Lane and try and get some shots of the Jack Snipe I'd found earlier in the week in the marsh from the Oak hide.

Spent over an hour in the hide scanning the marsh but I'm blowed if I could find the Jack Snipe.It wasn't a waste of time in there because my good friend Jeff Rankin was in the hide as well and he had brought down his new 7D mk.2 camera.He was trying it out with his 500 lens with a 2X converter attached and was getting some amazing long range shots.I'm getting left behind ! ! !

There were loads of Common Snipe in the marsh and I was able to get some shots.The Water Rail showed but he darted across the marsh giving me the Water Rail equivalent of two fingers so no shots.

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