Sunday, 14 December 2014


Went out birding Saturday lunchtime for the first time for a couple of weeks having been out of action with a bad back.What a wimp ! ! !

Decided to have a look down at my local patch Marsh Lane which turned out to be a very  brave move because not only was the back still a bit stiff it was very cold with lots of ice on the pools.

Took this shot of a Fieldfare a few days earlier.I've had trouble finding these chaps this winter so I was pleased to get this shot.

Back to my Marsh Lane visit I was surprised to spot this Oystercatcher on the CP pool.It looked very miserable and hardly moved so no decent pics but still nice to see.

Before I got frozen to the seat I left the CP hide and went down to the Oak hide where there were upto 20 Common Snipe at the far end of the marsh.

Whilst desperately trying to ward off frostbite I was cheered up by spotting well hidden in the stubble this Jack Snipe.

Whilst waiting for the Jack Snipe to move out in the open I spotted another Snipe a bit deeper in the reed bed and it was bobbing.Wow another Jack Snipe ! ! After a patient wait Jack Snipe 1 moved out into the open and crossed the marsh.Jack Snipe 2 didn't follow but stayed on the edge of the reeds.

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