Saturday, 20 December 2014


Yes I'm afraid I'm still struggling.My back which is much better is still damn painful when getting out of bed,getting out of chairs and getting out of the car.On monday morning whilst trying to get out of the car in Sainsbury's car park a small crowd gathered to watch and parents with children covered their eyes in they became psychologically scarred.

I'm also struggling to find any decent birds locally to point the camera at.With nothing of note being reported at all my local patches I've restricted my trips out to my very local patch Marsh Lane.

A Little Grebe showed quite well from the Oak hide which even in winter plumage look quite nice.

On all 3 visits I only had a very brief glimpse of a Jack Snipe in the marsh from the oak hide which didn't hang about before scuttling away out of site.There is a bird that will hang about posing for shots by the oak hide and that's a female Pheasant. 

The car park pool on Friday morning had masses of Gulls,Ducks,Geese etc. showing (there must have been getting on for 200 Wigeon) but the only half decent birds I could find were 6 Common Gulls. 

One bit of excitement was when a Little Egret flew in and landed on one of the car park islands.That was the good news the bad was all it did was to stand still and preen.After half an hour now freezing cold I gave up on it and went home without getting a decent shot.  

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