Friday, 16 January 2015


Had a better morning at Marsh Lane this morning mainly because at long last I got some shots of the drake Pintail that's been there for some time now but before had always been miles away for me.

Arrived at just after 9.00 AM to find it bright but very cold.Straight away my thermals were being penetrated and I was already getting cold .I warmed up a little when from the CP hide I spotted the Pintail fairly close.

It soon headed to the edge of the pool and into the reeds and almost out of site.

With the Pintail now out of site I got some shots of the 5 Common Gulls that were near one of the islands.

I then went to the Oak hide to check out the RW pool.Soon found a couple of Shellducks  and a pair of Goosanders.The latter remained asleep for the whole time I was in the hide.Miserable so and so's.

Before I left I checked in the CP hide to see if the Pintail was showing.It was in the same spot but remained out of site most of the time but did pop it's head up occasionally. 

After a decent wait it went on the water again but soon drifted off to the north end of the pool.

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