Monday, 19 January 2015


It was bitterly cold when I got down to Marsh Lane this morning so I was pleased I was still sticking to my only birding very locally policy this winter.

There was ice on all the pools and although the CP pool had masses of birds on it the only decent birds I spotted were the pair of Goosanders but they were too far off for shots.There must have been getting on for 200 Teal on the pool.

The RW pool was pretty quiet but there were 40+ Common Snipe in the marsh ( a friend found a Jack Snipe there also but I had left the hide by then).Here is a shot of a small section of the Common Snipe grouped together because of the cold presumably.

On the way back the gatekeeper Robin was on duty again and it wasn't too pleased to let me pass.Saw a Treecreeper in the beehive Oak trees but couldn't get a shot.

Back in the CP hide I found that the ice had forced the Goosanders to come a little closer.Got some decent shots of the female but as usual blew the whites out on the male.Don't think I've ever got a really good shot of a male.

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