Saturday, 3 January 2015


I'm not being adventurous with birding trips at the moment with the winter weather in full flow so yet again I played safe and popped across to Marsh Lane on Friday morning.Surprisingly although the temperature was much higher than the very frosty Wednesday it felt much colder because it was very windy.

This wind was a real pain in the Oak hide as it blew in through the flaps.It was bitter cold in there.Didn't stay there long but did see a Water Rail as it raced across the marsh.Not that long after I left the hide on Wednesday a friend got shots of the same Water Rail with a vole in it's mouth.Stunning shots I should have stayed longer.

Joined my good friend Jeff Rankin in the River hide who had spotted a pair of Goosanders over to the left on the CP pool.A bit distant for my lens but great to see these attractive birds.Here are some shots of the male which I always find it hard to get decent shots of due to the contrasting head and body colours.   

The female Goosander stayed even further away which was a shame as they are cracking birds.

The female was feeling particularly amorous and after a while they drifted of to make some babies. 

Also on the CP pool was a drake Pintail but if the Goosanders didn't get close the Pintail stayed miles away the whole time and kept very close to the western shore.So no decent shots.

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