Thursday, 1 January 2015


I might well lose the presidency of the Fairweather Birders club because I went out birding on both Monday and Wednesday mornings when it was freezing cold.Mind you I didn't go far just down to Marsh Lane.On Monday there were a couple of other birders there but on Wednesday I had the place to myself (No one else tough enough to come out in the cold?)

On both days despite the freezing weather there were plenty of Common Snipe in the marsh but I didn't see any Jack Snipe.

On Wednesday morning I was surprised to see an Oystercatcher on the RW pool.Don't see many of these here in the Winter.It soon flew off West over the railway hide. 

On Monday myself and two other birders whilst in the Oak hide took ages to ID the bird of prey that was sitting on the fencing near the bridge.It was a long way off is our excuse.It was ID eventually as a female Sparrowhawk. 

On Monday there were 100's of Ducks on the only bit of water not frozen on the RW pool but they were constantly disturbed by someone shooting a gun in Sidden Wood.

On Wednesday as I reached the car park to go home I did get to see a Song Thrush,a Fieldfare and a Redwing but none of them played ball and stayed a long way off so no decent shots.

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