Thursday, 26 February 2015


On wednesday morning I popped over to Marsh Lane for the first time for a while.Got there at 9.30 AM and as I got out the car I sensed straightaway something was different.It took me  a few seconds to realise what it was : I was not cold.This must have been the first time for months I haven't felt cold when out birding.

Met up with Brian Beasely on the main path and as we headed to the Oak hide I managed some shots of a Little Grebe that was beginning to look summery.

The marsh was full of Common Snipe ( about 40 ) but no Jack Snipe as far as I could see.There also at least 15 Common Snipe in front of the CP hide so God knows how many are on site.The Little Egret was not too far away on one of the islands preening away as usual.It must have had a big date lined up because it preened for well over an hour.

Whilst I was struggling to get shots of the Egret without blowing out the whites Brian spotted a drake Pintail cruising along with a pair of Mallards just beyond  the end of the marsh.

Thinking it might just cruise away we were surprised when it doubled back and got out of the water and walked through the reeds and entered the marsh.

Managed some decent shots of it as it swam at the back of the marsh.

Without doubt it had come into the marsh to find the Mallards and in particular to find the female who it follows around a lot.I think he's looking for a mate but has the same trouble as me he struggles to ID a female Mallard from a female Pintail.

Other birds seen were a pair of Oystercatchers who seemed to be looking for nesting spot on a RW pool island.Four Shellduck two on each pool and a distant female Goosander on the CP pool who also must have had a heavy date planned because she went into some very prolonged preening that involved diving,violent splashing and much wing flapping.Pity it was so far off.


Ragged Robin said...

Great photos especially of the Pintail - beautiful duck :) I hope you don't mind me asking but sometime ago I left a comment saying I was thinking of buying the Canon SX50 HS. Well, I finally purchased one last year but so far am disappointed with bird photos (I realise you mainly use your dslr). I just wondered if you had any hints of tips about which settings to use for the Canon bridge for bird and butterfly photos? I am trying to use similar techniques to my dslr photography and suspect this may be where I am going wrong. Hope you don't mind the question.

Max Silverman said...

Hi Robin.They are cracking cameras for the money.You can get great bird shots.I recommend you click on this link and wade through all the posts as there is some great advice there.

Ragged Robin said...

Hi Max - Thanks so much for that link -it really is very kind of you. I will check out the posts. Yes, very pleased with the camera so far for general photography - am just struggling with getting bird shots! Thanks again.