Saturday, 21 February 2015


This last week I've found it very hard work out there trying to find some decent birds to photograph and this despite going out several times.Mind you I haven't ventured very far.

Particularly annoying is that two of my local patches Earlswood Lakes and Brueton Park seem only to have decent birds on show when the weather is poor.Ive been to Earlswood three times this week in sunny weather to try to get some better shots of the Caspian Gull but failed each time to see it.In fact on two of the days there were hardly any Gulls there at all.It's been the same with Brueton Park I only see the Goosanders when it's a gloomy day.

I've been down to Marsh Lane a couple of times and all I got was very cold and didn't use the camera once.Did a bit better there last Friday I still got cold but did see some decent birds but it was too dull to get some good shots.Did spot a Kestrel high up on a streamline tree but it flew off straightaway. 

The marsh was as usual full of Common Snipe (over 40) but no sign of a Jack Snipe.The cold had made them pack in close together for warmth.The only other visitor to the marsh was a Wren.

On one of the islands on the RW pool was a pair of Oystercatchers.They were both very cold and did one of the best things to get warm : some passionate loving ! !

From the oak hide the Little Egret showed but the miserable so and so stayed miles away.

On the CP pool there were a Herring Gull and 4 Shellducks. 

The pair of Oystercatchers warmed up by their passion dropped down onto the grassed area to the side of the CP hide and posed for some shots.


To end a pretty poor week on another low point whilst waiting for the shots on this blog to download from the camera onto my laptop as I looked through the window I spotted a cracking female Blackcap feeding on the top of a bush only 4m away.It stayed for 2 minutes the shots took 3 minutes to download so no pics.Damn and Blast ! ! !  

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