Wednesday, 11 February 2015


As soon as I saw that Monday morning was going to be sunny I went over to Earslwood Lakes again to try and get some better shots of the Caspian Gull than I managed in the gloom of Saturday morning..

Got there at not long after 10.00 AM and joined Matt Griffiths on the causeway but the news was not good as the bird had not been since 9.00 AM.

Although it was sunny it was very cold on the causeway and I pretty quickly was becoming frozen stiff and very grumpy.A Grey Wagtail must have spotted my unhappiness and popped down to have it's picture taken and when it flew off I raced home to try and thaw out.

On Tuesday morning I went over to Marsh Lane but it was very gloomy,misty and damp so it was not pleasant walking around.Met up with a few birders and the conditions were getting them down as well in fact one was so depressed I'm pretty certain he was crying.

Didn't stay long and soon headed home but did see a couple of Shellduck and a distant Little Egret. 

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