Friday, 13 February 2015


With the weather still gloomy and miserable on Thursday I did not want to go out with the camera but after shopping all morning in Solihull I cracked and went over to my very local patch Brueton Park which is only a couple of miles away.

Got there at lunchtime to find the grim weather had put off most visitors and I had the place pretty much to myself.It was very strange and very nice not to see any dogs racing round.

I'd only got half way down the main path and already the gloomy conditions was getting me down when I cheered up considerably when I spotted a lone drake Goosander cruising around.

Followers of this blog know that I have a bag full of excuses that I open when I am unable to take any decent shots the most often used one is the distance away the bird was.I cannot use that excuse at Brueton Park as the Goosanders here do not seem to be phased by people walking down the main path.This one often came closer then 10m.The only excuse I can offer is that it was very gloomy so I burnt out all the whites.Very nice however to see one of these cracking ducks.

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