Thursday, 5 February 2015


Have been very brave and have paid morning visits to Marsh Lane on the last three days.Brave because it was extremely cold and despite wearing many layers my thermals were penetrated quite quickly each morning.Here are a few shots showing the conditions.

On the photography front it was very difficult to find something to point the camera at.The " saddle ringed " Pochard from France showed well one morning.

Having missed the Goshawk found by John Oates I got excited one morning as a raptor flew across the CP pool but it was a Sparrowhawk.

The Black Swan which I hadn't seen for a while showed well one morning in the only remaining area of open water.

A juvenile Herring Gull was present on the CP pool one morning

On Wednesday morning with frostbite setting in after half an hour sitting in the Oak hide I decided to leave but just as I started to walk down the path a friend (Martin)still in the hide called me back because he'd spotted the Jack Snipe in the marsh.

As usual there was good and bad news.The good was it was my first sighting of the Jack Snipe since Xmas.The bad news was that the miserable so and so hardly moved and stayed right at the back of the marsh.I waited for another half an hour but it wasn't playing ball so with my brain beginning to freeze I left.Here are a couple of crappographs which are the best I could do. 

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