Wednesday, 28 January 2015


On Tuesday morning I popped over to Marsh Lane again getting there not long after 9.00 AM to find it a bit gloomy but not too cold.

From the Oak hide I spotted 3 Goosanders (Two females and one male)  that seemed to be heading towards the River hide so like a fool I dashed over there and of course when I got there the little devils were cruising back towards the Oak hide.I stupidly spent the next hour going between the hides hoping to get close enough for a decent shot but every time just as they were getting into range they would turn back.All I got were a couple of crappographs in the poor light but also on the plus side I got plenty of exercise.  

Best bird of the morning was a drake Goldeneye that showed pretty well for a while in front of  the northern causeway hide.Didn't get great shots and I couldn't claim the distance as an excuse as it came pretty close but the light was pretty grim.Very nice to see down at Marsh Lane.

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