Friday, 13 March 2015


After a couple of excursions into deepest Gloucestershire last week I went back to some local birding this week restricting my trips to Brueton Park and Marsh Lane.

On route to Marsh Lane on Tuesday I spotted a Common Buzzard on an overhead wire in a field close to the road but as usual it flew off just as I was about to take a shot.

It was pretty quiet at Marsh Lane and I didn't stay long.the only shots I managed were of one of the Shellducks.

A quick visit to Brueton Park on Wednesday morning was a bit annoying as I found a pair of Goldcrests but they pinged around in a conifer tree so quickly all I got was some shots of some twigs.Whilst waiting for them to show again the coppice I was in was suddenly invaded by a party of very young schoolchildren and so the very dodgy old chap with a camera surrounded by very young children legged it before the police arrived.

Thought I'd found something special when I spotted this chap on the main lake but it was only a Mallard.

Just as I was about to set off for Marsh Lane on Wednesday morning I spotted the local Sparrowhawk on the fence at the bottom of my garden which had had the foliage there cut back so the Sparrowhawk could use it as a perch.Had to take these shots through the glass of a bedroom window as all my windows only have small top hung opening lights.Very nice to see though.

Got to Marsh Lane not long after midday to find that things were picking up at long last.On site that day but not all seen by me were 2 Stonechats,3 Goosanders,2 Redshanks,a Peregrine,a Little Egret,2 Ringed Plovers and 2 Chiffchaffs.

Got my first shot this year of a Redshank.

Whilst in the Oak hide everything went up and for once I spotted the culprit a Peregrine which raced across the RW pool before quickly disappearing.

Thanks to John Oates spotted my first Chiffchaff of the year along the causeway.It wouldn't stay still so only a crappograph was possible but very nice to see.

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