Friday, 24 April 2015


On Thursday morning having done a lot of birding the last few days I was feeling knackered so I decided to have a day resting.This was soon dashed when I noticed several library books I had were due back that day or heavy fines would ensue.On the way home having paid a visit to Solihull library and as it was on my way home I paid a visit to Brueton Park.

Having been tipped off by Kat Everitt that there was a Heron's nest with chicks there I thought I'd get a few shots.I must say the three chicks were incredibly noisy and constantly harassed Mom (or Dad).

Instead of going home straightaway I got lured into getting shots of birds nearby including a Coal Tit,a Blackcap and a Jay that visited each waste bin looking for some tit bits.

I eventually went home and although very tired I somehow got involved with some gardening cutting down a dead bush.Completely knackered and slumped down in a chair after a bite of lunch I was about to nod off when a text arrived " A Little Gull showing well on CP pool at Marsh Lane".

Having never seen one in Summer plumage I dragged myself off to Marsh Lane.Thanks to Graham I got onto it as it flew round the CP pool.I then had a text from Andy who said he'd got "The Little Gull on the RW pool" Blimey there must be two ! ! The second one soon joined the one on the CP pool.

Cracking looking Gull but a devil to get a decent shot of because their head is all black incl. face , beak and eyes.Here are my best shots. 

They both flew around a lot so I had to try for some flight shots but my god did I struggle.Managed loads of crappographs.These are my best so you can tell how bad the ones were that I discarded.

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