Sunday, 17 May 2015


Popped down to Marsh lane after lunch yesterday to try and get some more convincing shots of the Med Gull that was on the RW pool for a while on Friday morning.

After photographing the wrong bird for a while I eventually got onto it and managed a few shots which unfortunately were taken looking into the sun.

Myself and Steve and Phil then had a raptor hour.First a mystery bird was chased off the RW pool by some Gulls.It was Common Buzzard size but not one so we hope we did not miss something good.Quite quickly after that a Peregrine flew over the RW pool too quick for me to get a decent shot.  

As we walked along the causeway a Sparrowhawk burst out of a nearby bush and flew down the main path.It had something pretty big in it's mouth.Then from the car park a Kestrel flew over without hanging around unfortunately.

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