Wednesday, 20 May 2015


I've been down to Marsh Lane a couple of times since my last post on Monday afternoon and this morning.On both occasions it was gloomy damn cold for the time of year and that persistent wind was still blowing strongly.Where on earth is this global warming.

On both visits I couldn't find anything new so I thought I'd concentrate on getting some flight shots.I was also keen to practice getting flight shots because with this new camera I am unable to get any active focus points when using any of the multi focus point settings.I am stuck with using a single point focus which makes it harder to lock onto a bird in flight.

Not far from the RW hide I spotted a very high flying Sparrowhawk that you could just see had just caught something. 

A bit later on a Kestrel flew across the field near the Oak hide.Not great shots but pleasing as they were taken in gloomy conditions.

From the Oak hide a Ringed Plover was flying around like a lunatic which was an obvious challenge to me to get some shots.

The next challenge was to try and get some Swift shots.To have a decent chance at getting a half decent shot of one of these chaps you need the sun out and behind you.There was no sun today quite the reverse in fact.Also what is useful when going after these chaps you need to be able to do heavy duty swearing.The good news is that you will be able to increase your collection of blurred grey blob shots.

Back in the CP hide I had a go at getting shots of of the Hirundines that were zooming round over the water.Didn't do too well but good fun. 

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