Saturday, 2 May 2015


Since my last blog I've been out and about  every day hoping to see some decent birds.I've limited my visits to Marsh Lane as it's my nearest local patch and nothing decent has been reported elsewhere locally.

Although each day has been sunny it has been extremely cold down at Marsh Lane.Full winter gear was required. Rumours that the National Geographic Society are going to designate Marsh Lane with Ice Station status are completely believable.If so they will join Draycote Water as the only other site in the midlands with Ice Station status. 

Back to birds.Did I do any good ? Well no not really.The first summer Med Gull was still the on Wednesday but other than that all I got was my first Swift of the year.

Some Common Terns came a bit closer to the oak hide for a change.

I've seen both Garden Warblers and Reed Warblers about but am struggling to get any decent shots.Twigs and reeds are getting in the way.

On Friday a Little Egret dropped onto the far island on the CP pool but those darned BH Gulls soon drove it off.

I was kept amused on Friday watching Long Tailed Tits getting food  and trying to get some shots. 


Tom Perrins said...

Your pictures show a black-headed gull not a Med I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Tom.

Max Silverman said...

I'm not very good at IDing Gulls but some very good birders who saw it at on site thought it was a Med. Gull.
I will have to sit on the fence.