Friday, 8 May 2015


The poor weather and jobs in the garden have kept me from going out with the camera too much this  week and when I have I've had no luck.

At Marsh Lane last Sunday I got some more Sedge Warbler shots.

I didn't stay too long so the only other shot I managed was of a Herring Gull on the CP pool.Well I hope it's a Herring Gull as I'm still reeling from the comments re. the FS Med Gull shots I posted recently which pointed out  it was a BH Gull.

On Thursday after casting my vote I popped into Knowle churchyard to catch up with the Goldcrests I photographed a couple of weeks ago but could not find them.I did get some shots of a couple of Mistle Thrushes that were high up in one of the trees.

I then popped over to Marsh Lane and in the car park I was greeted by up to 50 Swifts.I tried to get some shots but as usual I got mostly sky or blurred blob shots. 

Got some nice shots in the back gate coppice of a Wren (I think a young one) who was singing out at the top of it's voice on a pile of logs.

At long last I got some decent shots for the first time this spring of a Common Whitethroat from the RW hide.

Things went further downhill this morning when pretty early I shot over to Stratford on Avon chasing up a Hoopoe that had been spotted the day before but after an hour's search I had no luck.On the way                  home I called in at Earslwood lakes but found the place very quiet.Oh Dear ! !

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