Monday, 29 June 2015


Popped over to Marsh Lane again this morning for a walk round in the warm sunny weather.

As expected there was nothing new on the CP pool which was very quiet.I was just dozing off when all hell broke loose and a huge punch up erupted on the main island in front of the hide.A Moorhen had completely lost it's rag with an Oystercatcher and they went at it hammer and tongues for a while.The Moorhen was the winner. 

There was a second summer Med Gull on the RW pool.It was pretty mobile and always distant but nice to see.

Glen Giles told me he had found a Bee Orchid near the car park and not long later Jeff Rankin found another one on the causeway.This is the Rankin Orchid.Very pretty.The Orchid not Jeff.

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