Wednesday, 1 July 2015


On Tuesday morning I went to Upton House which is near Banbury to have a walk round the gardens to see if any Spotted Flycatchers were there again.I found 2 pairs last year.

Went to an area near the horse paddocks were I found some last year but drew a blank but when I started to walk through the orchard what did I see about 100m away ? 

Yes a Spotted Flycatcher ! ! I soon saw that there were a pair of them catching insects but they were covering a lot of ground and the orchard is pretty big.It didn't take me long in the heat that to try and follow them was a waste of time so I plonked myself down in the shade of an apple tree and waited till they came close.

I stayed in that spot for a couple of hours eating and drinking and best of all watching these pair whizzing round catching insects.Sometimes they came very close but soon shot off so no decent pics but great just being a birder for once.

I gave up after lunch because it was so hot.It was 29.5 C according to my car as I drove off.I did see at least two others so there could well be at least four on site.

This morning I went over to Marsh lane to try and get some decent shots this time of the Med Gull.To beat the heat I got there at 7.30 AM but even then it was 23 C

The Med Gull was not found but I did get some decent shots of a Green Woodpecker.Whilst in the Oak hide I heard one calling at the back so I opened one of the rear flaps a bit and saw this young one sitting on the gate.Fingers crossed it didn't fly as I fully opened the flap  it didn't.Fingers crossed again it didn't fly as I raised the camera  it didn't.Then another panic the opening was covered with a mass of cobwebs.Luckily it didn't fly as I cleaned them away and I got some decent shots.I'm sure it was waiting for mom to bring some food because it didn't stop calling. 

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