Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Popped down to Marsh lane on Monday morning for a quick look around.Didn't see much of note and the only shots I took were of this young Long Tailed Tit.

As I was chatting to Alan Boddington outside the Oak hide a birder who was a bit out of breath strode down the path asked us "Is it still here ?" Realising that he was referring to the Melodious Warbler we upset him a bit when we redirected him to it's location about a mile away.

On Tuesday morning I went to the churchyard where I'd got some shots of the pair of Spotted Flycatchers a couple of weeks ago.It was very quiet and there was no sign of them and when I discretely had a look at the nest site high up on the church wall there was no nest.I can only presume that the recent high winds had destroyed it.Oh Dear ! !

The only other show in town and what a show was the Melodious Warbler so off I went there again.As I parked up by the gate I met a birder who had come quite a way and I was pleased to take him to the bird which again was showing well.It was a lifer for him and he was chuffed to bits. 

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