Sunday, 14 June 2015


When I was in Norfolk I had several texts telling me that at Marsh Lane a Melodious Warbler was showing along a track opposite the main entrance.Trust me to be away when a rarity is at my local patch and it would be a lifer for me.

Luckily for me it was still there on Saturday.I then got excited by the thought how great it would be to get a Marsh Warbler on a Friday and then a Melodious Warbler on the following Saturday.I bet not many birders have done that.With that in mind when the weather got a bit better in the afternoon I drove over hoping it was still there.

It was and unlike the skulking Marsh Warbler this chap was very showy and was singing it's head off nearly all the time.Stayed there till 5.00 PM and got some shots but the dull weather stopped me getting any decent ones.

Early on Sunday morning it was much brighter so I went over again.It was still there and as showy as ever so I was able to get some decent shots.

I must confess having seen both the Marsh  and the Melodious Warblers in successive days I would not be able to tell them apart.Even the songs were similar.

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