Saturday, 18 July 2015


The Marsh Lane Limping birder is me.No surprise there then. I went to Marsh Lane a couple of times last week which were my first outings with the camera since I strained the ligaments in my right knee leaping into the car to avoid a shower there 10 days ago.

It still aches all the time but at least I am able to get around but stairs remain a problem.I also had a problem finding birds to point the camera at as I limped round on both mornings.Things were very quiet as you'd expect at this time of year and I hardly saw another birder on each visit.

The Shellduck chicks are now pretty well grown up know which is amazing considering how small they were not long ago.

The Common Terns will soon leave and head towards South Africa so I thought I'd better get a few shots before they leave.

Two Little Ringed Plover chicks (or are they Ringed Plover chicks ??) showed from the Oak hide for a while.

The only real success I had was from the North Causeway hide when A Reed Warbler flitted around in the reeds pretty close but very briefly.A Water Rail showed twice but was in skulking mode so all shots were crappographs.

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