Wednesday, 8 July 2015


With the exception of the long staying superbird the Melodious Warbler locally birding has been very difficult lately .Mind you we are in the middle of the mid summer birding doldrums.

At Marsh Lane I was puzzled by the behaviour of 4 Oystercatchers one morning when they lined up four abreast started calling very loudly and then walked into the water in formation. This went on for quite a while. 

The Shellduck chicks have grown up very quickly.

The only Warbler I got any shots of was a Sedge Warbler from the oak hide.

The Common Terns seemed to have had a good breeding time with loads of chicks on the RW pool islands.Some have grown up quickly which is a good job as soon they've got to fly off to South Africa.

On Monday with loads of Sand Martins whizzing about on the CP pool I had a go at getting some flight shots.What a game that is.Amongst the masses of crappographs  I did manage a few decent ones.

Disaster struck as I left the car park on Monday morning.As I unlocked the gate a heavy shower sprung up suddenly and as I dived into the car I managed to strain the ligaments in my right knee.The swearing that followed as pain racked through me might capture the world swearing record back for England.I am now hobbling around trapped indoors.Wonderful ! !

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