Monday, 7 September 2015


I love Hobbies to bits so on Sunday afternoon and again this lunchtime I sped over to Marsh Lane yet again to try and get some more shots of these spectacular birds.

I know taking shots is my thing but quite frankly just watching Hobbies flying so fast and being able to dive twist turn and climb at great speed is incredible.Here are some of the shots I managed.

This Kestrel (it is a Kestrel I hope) and fooled me for a while as I thought I was still following a Hobby) 

Here are a few Hobby feeding shots.If you look carefully one of the shots show it taking the wings off a dragonfly and eating the body. 

Just as I was walking down the main path on the way to the car park my good friend the Hobby was following me to presumably to say goodbye when a Jackdaw tried to have a go at it but it was no surprise to see it outclassed. In the last two shots the Hobby seems to be flying upside down.

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