Saturday, 5 September 2015


Wasn't going to go out today with the camera but decided after lunch to go down to Marsh Lane and try for some shots of Hobbies one of my favourite birds.Headed down to the river hide where I had some success earlier in the week.

However after an hour and a half I'd had no luck probably because the poor weather was not bringing out any Dragonflies.Just as I was about to give up a Peregrine suddenly flew in and sent everything up on the railway pool.Managed a couple of so so shots as it raced past. 

Although it sped round the pool for a couple of minutes it remained at low level with the trees and reeds as a background which make it very hard to focus on the bird.Nearly all my shots were extreme crappographs being well out of focus and only managed a few that weren't too bad.

As I walked back to the car park I very luckily noticed a bird perched on the barbed wire fencing.It was a Whinchat. Always great to see one of these chaps.I had to be patient and wait for it to perch in a decent spot.

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