Saturday, 24 October 2015


Been out quite a lot since my last blog but am still not having much luck finding any decent birds to point the camera at.This is despite getting around the local area a lot.

Last Saturday afternoon I popped over to Marsh Lane to find it pretty quiet although the Bar-headed Goose was not far from the CP hide.

A Grey Heron landed in the water in front of the RW hide with a catch.It was a bit distant so annoyingly I could not make out what it had caught.It was not a fish.

I love Goldcrests and take shots of them whenever I can.My wish is to get a shot of one in my own back garden which they visit but only very occasionally.One appeared on Sunday morning again but as usual when they visit it was very gloomy so the only shot I got was a crappograph.There's one there this morning but it's raining but I'll get him eventually.  

On Wednesday morning I shot over to Earlswood to the Craft Centre where the day before there had been a Hawfinch and that morning a Short-eared Owl.When I got there there were no birders there and no sign of the birds.I had to occupy myself with taking shots of Starlings.Oh Dear ! ! 

On Thursday morning I popped over to Marsh Lane again and was surprised to see a couple of old friends who I hadn't seen for many months on the CP pool.The hybrid Whooper Swans.I wonder where they have been all this time.

The only other shots I took that morning were of a Common Snipe from the Oak hide.

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