Saturday, 17 October 2015


I have struggled lately to find some decent birds to point the camera at.Mind you now the weather is  is not so good I am reluctant to travel too far unless something really special has been found.  

Have been to my local patch Marsh Lane a couple of times last week but the only interesting birds I have found included  a juvenile/female Stonechat seen from a very cold RW hide and which despite waiting for an hour would not come any closer than 100m

The only other occasion I used the camera was to get shots of the hybrid Goose that was briefly on the CP pool.There was no sign of the Snow Goose or the Bar-headed Goose.

There have hardly been any birds in my and both my neighbour's back gardens for the past couple of weeks and this is despite both neighbours being keen bird feeders.Even the unliked Wood Pigeons have disappeared.

I had relocated my feeders nearer to the house so it was no surprise that  not one bird has visited them either.However I was very pleased yesterday when a pair of Coal Tits suddenly paid a visit to my feeders.Now that the feeders are nearer to the house I can sit just inside the back door and get very good views of any birds that drop down for a feed.

Quite pleased with these shots as it was very gloomy and I needed a very high ISO.

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