Thursday, 1 October 2015


Before I get on to the Hobby I managed to get a decent shot of the Bar-headed Goose that for once was not asleep. 

I did not intend to go out with the camera on Wednesday but by lunchtime the weather was so good I thought I'd better get out there so I hopped over to Marsh Lane arriving at 1.30 PM.Met up with my good friend Pete Walkden in the Oak hide and Pete soon spotted the juvenile Hobby that was flying around the trees on the streamline.

We picked a spot half way along the main path between the Oak hide and the streamline to try and get some shots.This was an excellent choice because for the next two hours the Hobby put on an unbelievable flying display down the stream line trees,round the orchid field and over the Oak hide.It only disappeared from view a few times.

I know it's a silly thing to say but it was if it knew we were photographers and kept flying round us posing for shots often coming very close.Magical ! !

It flew low across the orchid field a few times and would then fly straight through the hedge near the Oak hide feeders.How it could see the gaps in the hedge flying at that speed was amazing.It's very hard to think that this aerobatic wizard was only a few weeks ago was an egg in a nest.

Here are a few shots of the 400 I took that afternoon.

These last few shots show in sequence the Hobby finishing off eating a dragonfly and getting rid of the wings.Don't forget to left click the image to enlarge.

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