Saturday, 3 October 2015


As it was another fine day on Friday just after lunch I grabbed the camera and set off again down to my local patch Marsh Lane.

Not a lot on the car park pool but I did spot another hybrid Goose that I'd not seen before on one of the islands (this bird was in fact a Blue Morph Snow Goose )and on another island was the hybrid Goose that's now a regular visitor.

From the railway hide I spotted a male Stonechat that had been seen there earlier in the morning.Despite staying in the hide for ages the little devil would not come close.Great to see though.

Later on from the oak hide I spotted a Dunlin which was the first wader I'd seen for quite a while now.As usual there was good and bad news.The good was that it was pretty close in.The bad was that the bright sunshine was directly behind the bird so getting a decent shot was out of the question. 

As I'd taken so many shots of Hobbies lately I had decided if one was still around I would not take anymore shots but as I walked down the main path with some fellow togs heading to the car park the juvenile Hobby suddenly appeared and I couldn't resist taking some shots.It had not been seen all day and as it was 3.45 PM it was thought that it had left.

I've been in love with and taking shots of Hobbies for many years now but this last week at Marsh Lane has been by far the best views I've had of them and by far the best shots I've ever taken of them.Here are a few more.

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