Tuesday, 8 December 2015


I hadn't planned to go out with the camera yesterday but after a visit to Sainsburys and the tip and I saw that there was a bit of brightness in the sky I shot off to Marsh Lane for a quick walk round before lunch.

The were as usual loads of Ducks,Geese and Gulls but I could not find anything interesting till I walked into the river hide where the Goldeneye was a little closer than the day before and I managed a few better shots.Although I've seen these birds many times over the years I've never got a really good shot of a male.The trouble is the contrast of the white and black and I can never get both colours right.

There was a distant female Goosander on the CP pool but she would not come closer.Shame as they are cracking birds to photograph.

Also from the river hide a Fieldfare was feeding in a distant bush.Too far for a decent shot but at least I was keeping the camera busy.

Another quick look in the CP hide was a good move because a male Goosander dropped in.This is another bird I struggle with to get a decent shot of again because of the contrast of black and white.This is the best I could do.

As soon as the male caught up with the female he dragged here off for a lunch date on the river.I managed some decent shots as the male took off.

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