Saturday, 5 December 2015


Very pleased to see that it was sunny on Friday morning especially after all the dreadful weather lately.Not wishing to miss this opportunity I grabbed the camera and shot off to Marsh Lane getting there at 9.00 AM.

Within 2 minutes of getting there I'd had two pieces of bad luck and one piece of good luck.The first piece of bad luck took place immediately as I got out of the car when  I spotted a hovering Kestrel close by but as I tried to get a shot I decided to drop the camera instead.What a idiot ! !  

The good news was that the male Goldeneye was still on the CP pool but the bad news was that it was a fair way off.This is all I could get.

Didn't see anything new from the Oak hide but there were at least 25 Common Snipe in the marsh.

I then had a patient walk in the sunshine round the back gate coppice but it was very quiet and from the RW hide the only shot I took was of a Common Buzzard that perched for all of 10 seconds on the tree line.

On the way back to the car park in the causeway hide a Wren seeing I'd hardly take any shots had pity on me and posed for some shots.

Called in the CP hide again before I left hoping the Goldeneye was a bit closer but if anything it was now further away.Did get a shot of a Common Gull and the Black Swan.So I didn't see anything decent but it was a very pleasant morning out in the sunshine.

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