Saturday, 19 December 2015


I am not liking this very gloomy weather we have been having these last few weeks at all because it makes photography almost impossible and it's so depressing going out with no glimpse of any sunshine. 

Boredom and fear of the camera rusting up with lack of use have forced me out a few times this last week but it has not been enjoyable even though it has been very warm for December.

Last Monday morning I popped down to Marsh Lane and never saw another birder all morning however  I did see some surveyors in the SW corner of the reed bed field.Hope they weren't surveying for a siding for the new HS train. 

It was very quiet on the reserve probably due to the surveyors so the only time I used the camera was trying to get shots of a Little Egret on the dragonfly pool.

Boredom drove me out again to Marsh Lane on Thursday morning even though it was very gloomy and very damp.Although there were loads of Ducks ,Geese and Gulls on the pools I could not spot anything decent.I did get some shots of a Little Grebe in winter plumage from the causeway hide.Certainly not great shots but very good because it was so gloomy and I had to wind up the ISO to 6400 to to get any shot at all.

I couldn't get out of the reserve via my usual route because the resurfacing crew had closed the exit up to lay the tarmac across  so I had to out the back way.The road was very muddy and there were no birds to photograph on route till I got to the last gate where a couple of Common Buzzards were circling around calling out.Oh for just a little brightness.

On Friday morning I thought it was brightening up so I drove the short journey to Brueton Park.Surprise surprise it did not brighten up and was as gloomy as ever.I hoped there might be some Goosanders on the main pool but didn't find any.I then went through the cafe and had a walk round the nature reserve which was pushing my luck because it is gloomy there even in the summertime.

Half way round the pond I cheered up considerably when I spotted a couple of Goldcrests in the trees.I love these chaps to bits and so I spent half an hour struggling to get shots as they pinged around the trees.

Managed a few shots which as with the Little Grebe are not the best but considering it was very gloomy and again the ISO had to be wound up to 6400 I was very pleased with them and of course they are great to watch.

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