Tuesday, 26 January 2016


After some early morning shopping on Monday and seeing that it was sunny I thought I'd pay a quick visit to Marsh Lane.However when I arrived at 10.00 AM any brightness had gone and it was a bit gloomy but at least it was not cold.

The water was still very high on the CP pool with the islands beginning to disappear.There were masses of Gulls ,Geese and Ducks there but I could not spot anything new.I thought I'd spotted a decent bird but it turned out to be a white necked Cormorant.Also there was a Shellduck on one of the islands.

Joined Jeff Rankin in the oak hide and despite a patient scan we couldn't spot a Jack Snipe in the marsh.I'm sure they were there but very well hidden.At long last I caught up with the Little Egret named "Buffy" for obvious reasons by the Marsh Lane regulars.Very attractive bird.Here are a few shots that show it's unusual colouring.

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