Saturday, 23 January 2016


After the wet morning on Friday I had not planned to go out with the camera but as I had to pick up a prescription I thought I might as well make a quick visit to Marsh Lane as well.Got the just after 1.30 PM the rain had stopped and it was threatening to brighten up.

Nothing much on the CP pool which was no surprise as the water levels were very high.I then headed down to the Oak hide where my good friend Jeff Rankin had spotted 4 Jack Snipes among the 60 + Common Snipes in the marsh.

The good news was one of the Jack Snipes was fairly close but as usual there was bad news it was very well hidden and was refusing to move even a few millemetres.Here is a shot of all you could see. 

Whilst waiting for the Jack Snipe to show better I did spot a Water Rail that raced through all the Common Snipe at the top of the marsh before disappearing into the reeds.This is all I could get.

After 90 minutes of waiting patiently the Jack Snipe finally moved and very luckily moved out into the open before heading into the reeds.It was only in view for a minute but more than enough to get some decent shots.The shots are in sequence as it headed across the marsh.

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