Wednesday, 20 January 2016


For a change I went to Shustoke Reservoir this morning getting there just before 10.00 AM.It was very cold but quite bright when I parked up near the disabled car park.It turned out to be a good move going there because I had a pretty decent morning and I didn't need to move too far away from the car.
There was quite a lot of ice on reservoir which was good because it brought any birds about a bit closer in.A pair of Goosanders came in pretty close and I managed a few shots.

Some Grey Wagtails were also feeding fairly close but they were too lively for me to get a decent shot.I was more lucky with the Great Northern Diver that I eventually found in the bay between the disabled car park and the sailing club jetty.I had to be very patient but managed a few decent shots among a mass of pretty dire ones.

Mid morning pandemonium suddenly broke out as all the Gulls,Geese and Ducks converged near the bank by the jetty.A guy had arrived with two big bags full of bread and was throwing great junks into the water.It was an amazing feeding frenzy to watch.

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