Friday, 1 January 2016


Having been in adventurous birding mode earlier in the week and doing pretty badly on Thursday morning I dropped back into wimp mode and set off for Marsh Lane.Got there not long after 9.00 AM in sunny but much colder weather.

After a quick look in the CP hide I was soon in Oak hide where a fellow birder had found two Jack Snipes in the marsh.I was very chuffed because I'd not seen them before this winter.They were both about 2/3 rds down the marsh and as usual with these were pretty well hidden.

Sometime later when we were trying to put another birder on to where the Jack Snipes were he spotted a third right at the end of the marsh.This one soon went back into the reeds but the other two were still showing but were very reluctant to move and seemed to be asleep nearly all the time.

After well over two hours in the hide waiting for them to show better and with my legs becoming numb with lack of use and the cold I gave up.These are my best shots.Great to see. 

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