Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I have been out twice with the camera since last weekend visiting Marsh Lane on Saturday and Tuesday both times in the morning.On both occasions although it was sunny there was an icy wind howling across the ponds.

On both visits there were masses of Gulls,Geese and Ducks on show but we were unable to spot anything decent to point the cameras at.Did manage a shot of one of the Common Gulls,another shot of Buffy and a shot of a Little Grebe.  

From the Freezer hide (formally known as the Oak hide) other than getting frostbite on Saturday I did not see a Jack Snipe in the marsh.I had much better luck though on Tuesday when after meeting up with four birders just leaving the Freezer hide who had not seen anything I found a Jack Snipe immediately after I took a seat.A lone birder who had remained in the hide was very impressed.

It had just emerged from the reeds about 8 metres down the marsh on the right hand side.It remained in the open till I left the hide over an hour later.

Whilst waiting for this Jack Snipe to wake up again I spotted another one much closer to the hide and very near the inlet pipe.It soon moved into the reeds and remained very close but annoyingly well hidden.This is the best I could do. 

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